1. Subject of the Terms

  1. The General Terms of Cooperation define the conditions on which ArcusLink Tłumaczenia Specjalistyczne spółka cywilna (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) provides services for the Client (hereinafter referred to as the Ordering Party). This document shall be applicable unless the Parties have entered into a separate agreement regulating the principles of their cooperation.
  2. The subjects of such services are translations, ordered by the Ordering Party to be prepared by the Contractor.

2. Provision of the service

  1. Material to be translated shall be submitted in written form:
    – in person;
    – by post;
    – by email to, if a form listing the persons authorized to place orders by email has already been completed and approved by the Ordering Party.
    Orders placed in any other form than written may not be processed. If the Ordering Party entrusts the Contractor with materials that are to be returned upon completion of the service, the date and method of returning the materials must be determined at the time of placing the order.
  2. The unit of account shall be a standard page containing 1,500 characters with spaces of a final text, or 1 word of a source text.
  3. The standard delivery time obliges the Contractor to complete the translation within 3 working days, if the length of the document does not exceed 10 standard pages or 2,000 words. For every additional 10 standard pages or 2,000 words more, ordered as part of the same project, the Contractor shall reserve 1 working day. In case of standard orders, the Contractor estimates the length of the translation and states the delivery date to the Ordering Party.
  4. Orders may be completed within a shorter time frame, subject to individual arrangements between the Ordering Party and the Contractor. All express orders shall be processed upon the explicit written request of the Ordering Party (submitted in person, by post or by email).
  5. The price of the service shall be based on the Contractor’s current price list and the financial settlement made based on the final text. Any prices other than those stated in the price list require prior written agreement between the Parties (in person, by post or by email).
  6. The Contractor may refuse to accept material for translation on the same day the proper order is placed by the Ordering Party.
  7. The order shall be deemed to have been completed if the Contractor delivers the ordered service within the agreed time limit and in the agreed way (by email, by post, by courier or in person at the Ordering Party’s or the Contractor’s office, depending on the agreement).
  8. Evidence of the delivery of the translation to the Ordering Party shall be:
    – acknowledgement of receipt submitted by the Ordering Party;
    – a delivery receipt (from the post office or courier);
    – emailing of a file containing the translation;
    – an email confirming that an oral translation has been provided, with its duration;
    9. Upon completion of the order, the Contractor shall issue an invoice payable within 14 days, obliging the Ordering Party to pay the agreed price on time.

3. Improper performance of the service

In the event of improper performance of the service, the Contractor shall be liable to the Ordering Party for up to 100% of the order’s value, which means that the amount of the total discount given to the Ordering Party due to improper performance of the service by the Contractor may not exceed 100% of the order value.

4. Complaints

  1. Any defects in the translation received should be reported by the Ordering Party to the Contractor within 15 calendar days of the order completion date.The Ordering Party’s right to a discount on the price of the order due to improper performance of the service shall expire upon expiration of this time limit.
  2. Complaints shall be investigated by the Contractor in agreement with the Ordering Party. If there is no such agreement, the dispute between the Parties shall be settled by an expert from the list of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice.
  3. The costs of preparation of the expert opinion shall be borne by the party to the complaint proceedings that loses the dispute.
  4. ArcusLink provides a warranty on its services for a period of 1 year (365 calendar days) from the order completion date. This means that ArcusLink will undertake to rectify any defects found by the Ordering Party, free of charge, within 1 year from the provision of the service, however, without the Ordering Party’s right to claim a discount due to the fact that the defects were found after the expiry of the normal complaint deadline.

5. Cancellation of the order

  1. If the Ordering Party cancels the order, it shall be obliged to pay the Contractor the amount due for the part of the order that has already been completed before the order was cancelled. In this case, the Contractor shall return the translation in its current stage of completion to the Ordering Party, and invoice the Ordering Party for the work actually performed.
  2. The Ordering Party shall undertake to cover the costs incurred by the Contractor in completing the order to the point of its cancellation, provided that the Contractor presents documents to prove that it has incurred these costs.

6. Confidentiality

  1. The Contractor undertakes to keep confidential all materials and information obtained from the Ordering Party when preparing the translation.
  2. This information may only be made available to the Contractor’s direct partners, i.e. translators, interpreters, proofreaders and consultants working on the project, to the degree necessary to ensure proper performance of the service.

7. Final provisions

  1. To all matters not settled herein, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code will apply, subject to Article 3 hereof.
  2. The Ordering Party (the Client) agrees to receive commercial information and offers from ArcusLink.
  3. The provisions of the General Terms of Cooperation are binding upon both the Parties, unless the Parties have entered into a specific agreement to complete a particular order.
  4. Any personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).