We offer interpreting services throughout Poland, and also help in the arrangement of conferences with interpreters and conference interpreting equipment.

Interpreting services are provided by experienced interpreters who have the right knowledge, predisposition and professional experience

Types of interpreting:

For conferences. Interpreters work in isolated booths, with the conference participants listening to their interpretation through headphones. The interpretation is provided simultaneously with the speaker. This type of service is provided by two interpreters.

The interpretation is provided after longer fragments of speech. This is typically used for meetings or small conferences.

Used, for example, in business situations when the maximum precision of what is said is essential.

Used in meetings and conferences, when the interpreter relays what was said to one listener or a small group of listeners discreetly, without interrupting the speaker.

The oral translation of a written text, e.g. at business meetings or in court.

The interpreter accompanies the client on a trip, to business negotiations or in a series of meetings.

Provided by sworn translators for courts, the police etc., or for the needs of clients doing high-value transactions or entering into agreements before a notary, at wedding ceremonies or in any other cases that require a form of legal authentication.