Confidence Accuracy Professionalism

For Clients

At ArcusLink, we value long-lasting relationships with our clients. All orders are handled by us with due diligence, following proven procedures. For our regular clients, we offer individual terms of cooperation, special discounts and individual payment terms.

We provide services in accordance with our General Terms of Cooperation, Quality Assurance Policy and Confidentiality Policy, and any personal data entrusted to us is processed in accordance with the GDPR. We encourage you to read these documents.

Apart from providing standard services, we also handle non-standard orders. For example, we help our clients establish contacts with new partners from abroad. We also verify the language skills of job candidates, or telephone the foreign partners of our clients on their behalf. We are always open and willing to participate in unconventional activities.

We encourage you to work with us!

Confidentiality policy

The General Terms of Cooperation used at ArcusLink protect our clients’ rights, not only in the completion of their translation projects accurately and on time, but also the confidentiality of the materials they make available to us.

The ArcusLink employees, translators and interpreters who work on the projects are obliged to keep confidential all information made available to us by the clients in the process of translation.

ArcusLink Tłumaczenia Specjalistyczne s.c. undertakes to keep confidential all materials and information obtained from the client in the process of translation. This information shall only be made available to the Contractor’s direct partners, i.e. the translators, proofreaders and consultants working on the project, to the degree necessary to ensure proper performance of the service.

For translators and interpreters

ArcusLink encourages experienced translators and interpreters of all languages, who are specialists in particular fields, to work with us. To become one of our translators, apply to us with information about your specializations, to the following address: Include the language pairs you work in and your place of residence in the subject line of your email.

Your application should also include information about your education, a description of your professional experience and references from any translation agencies or institutional clients. Those of you who do not have sufficient references will be asked to do sample translations in your selected fields. We only start working with translators who sign a confidentiality clause covering all information and data obtained from ArcusLink when working on a translation.

For students


Our office supports young translators. We’ve partnered with the University of Łódź to create a local programme called ‘Młodzi w Łodzi’ (Youth in Lodz).

We offer student training and traineeships in both our Client Service Department and the Marketing and Sales Department. Since the 19th of April 2011, as part of our work with the Faculty of Philology of the University of Łódż, ArcusLink has been enabling the best students from the Faculty of Translation to take student training in our office.

All those interested can apply, to